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A Novel Clean Energy-Based Technique in Processing Pulp and Paper, Patented by Dr. Sherif Farag and Professor Jamal Chaouki

May 8, 2019


It is time to start embedding clean electricity with unconventional heating techniques into pulp and paper manufacturing processes. Recently, PEARL members, Dr. Sherif Farag and Prof. Jamal Chaouki, have invented a process to recover the inorganic chemicals of the pulp and paper making processes using microwaves. The invented  process avoids the pollutants formed from the recovery processes rely on the burning of black liquor; saves the chemicals consumed in the techniques rely on the precipitation of lignin; does not limit the growth in the pulp and paper production; decreases the massive budget needed for the centralized conversion methods; does not squander the value of the chemical products that can be produced from black liquor, among other unique advantages.

This patent has been registered in USPTO under patent number US20190119852. We invite you to read more about this patent here.

Inventors: Sherif Farag and Jamal Chaouki

Assignee: RMTech for Environmental Solution (