Process Engineering
Advanced Research Lab

About pearl

Process Engineering Advanced Research Lab (PEARL) reflects professor Jamal Chaouki’s research group at Chemical Engineering Department of Polytechnique Montreal in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

PEARL is one of the strongest and most advanced process engineering research labs in North America. Fluidization, multi-phase reactors (fluidized bed and
bubble column reactors), hydrodynamics, chemical reaction engineering (kinetics and catalysis), and innovative measurement techniques form PEARL’s research mainstream where cutting-edge projects for a wide range of industrial topics related to oil, gas, petrochemical, renewable energy resources, power plants, minerals, and batteries are carried out.

PEARL's research projects are conducted in lab and pilot scales, where innovation is a cornerstone. Therefore, novel reactors for high  temperature and high pressure reactions as well as novel measurement and analytical techniques have been developed at PEARL. Experimental work, modeling and simulation are intensely practiced at PEARL. PEARL's research projects are funded by national and international industrial sponsors such as Accordant Energy, Carbon Management Canada, ECOLOMONDO, HUCHINSON, Johnson Matthey, MANAGEM, NIOBEC, OCP, PRAXAIR, PYROWAVE and TOTAL, and also by federal agencies such as Natural Science and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) and National Research Council (NRC).

PEARL’s team includes about 50 Research Associates, postdocs, Ph.D. students, Master students and technicians. In addition, about 100 PEARL’s alumni who were graduated since more than 25 years ago, and they are now either university professors or senior engineers in major companies provide a valuable treasure for the current members.