TOTAL Sponsored Student Meeting in Cambridge, MA, USA

A Total Sponsored Student Meeting was held on 21 and 22 of March 2016 in Cambridge, MA in the United States hosted by Dr. Shaffiq Jaffer, VP of Corporate Science and Technology Projects of Total American Services Inc.

Total meeting March 2016 2

Managers of TOTAL as well as researchers, postdocs and graduate students of Polytechnique Montreal (members of the PEARL), University of Montreal, MIT, Harvard, Stanford and University of Colorado Boulder participated in the meeting.

Members of the PEARL presented the followings:

Jaber Shabanian: Hydrodynamics of a Gas-Solid Fluidized Bed at Elevated Pressures and Temperatures

Amin Esmaeili: Hydrodynamics of Bubble Column Reactors at Extreme Operating Conditions

El Mahdi Lakhdissi: Hydrodynamics of Slurry Bubble Columns at Elevated Pressures and Temperatures

Sherif Farag: Microwave-Assisted Chemical Reactions

Philippe Leclerc: Microwave Pyrolysis of Polystyrene

Mohammad Latifi: The Novel Induction Heating Fluidized Bed Reactor

Samira Aghaee: A Fluidized Bed Chemical Vapor Deposition Process for Nanoparticles

Adri√°n Carrillo: Thermal Cracking of Rare Earths Bearing Minerals