Recent publication by Jaber Shabanian

Jaber describes his newly published achievement as:

"A unique research publication on hydrodynamics of a bubbling gas-solid fluidized bed at high temperature in the presence of interparticle forces"

Following our years of expertise on hydrodynamics of multiphase reactors, in particular, fluidization characteristics of gas-solid fluidized beds operating in the presence of interparticle forces (IPFs), the results of an extensive experimental campaign from Jaber Shabanian and Jamal Chaouki has recently published in Chemical Engineering Journal. The objective of the study was to highlight modifications in the bed behavior with the operating temperature (700–1000oC) at conditions under which the role of hydrodynamic forces or IPFs was dominant. The level of IPFs was adjusted through the formation of eutectics on the surface of base particles. Experimental results revealed that a great deal of attention to the physical and/or physico-chemical changes of the fluidized particles with increasing temperature along with the variation of the physical properties of the fluidizing gas must be taken into account in order to arrive at the successful design and reliable operation of gas-solid fluidized beds at high temperature.

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