Jamal Chaouki : The Winner of R.S. Jane Memorial Award 2018

Jamal Chaouki, the head of PEARL, won the R. S. Jane memorial award 2018.  He received this award  during the 68th chemical engineering conference in Toronto for his exceptional achievements to the field of chemical engineering and industrial chemistry. During this conference, he presented a plenary lecture on “The development of industrial processes in context of sustainability”, in which the usage of clean heating energy, mainly microwaves, in new industrial processes was discussed.

He is a full professor at Ecole Polytechnique of Montreal since 1995. Since then he has been supervising more than 40 post-doc fellowships, more than 40 PhD students, and more than 50 master students. Having published more than 450 scientific articles, 250 journal papers, and 13 books, he is a world- renowned consultant for industrial scale-up of chemical engineering processes.

Currently, he is Principal chair holder of Total Group in hydrodynamic modeling of multiphase processes at extreme conditions.

Congratulations to Professor Jamal Chaouki on his winning of this prestigious award!