A Unique Research Publication on the Influence of Interparticle Force on Solids Motion in a Bubbling Gas-Solid Fluidized Bed

jaberIt is our pleasure to announce the recent publication by Jaber Shabanian and Jamal Chaouki  in Powder Technology. An in-depth study was carried out with the help of the radioactive particle tracking technique while adopting a polymer coating approach to increase the level of IPFs in a bed of fresh sugar beads. This helped highlighting the effect of IPFs on solids motion in a bubbling gas-solid fluidized bed. Experimental results showed that the quality of solids mixing decreased with the level of cohesive IPFs in the bed. In addition, by calculating the idle time for systems with varying degrees of IPFs and resembling the agglomeration process to a reaction network, i.e., the idle time represents the effective reaction time and all reactions follow the elementary rate law, we could provide a fundamental understanding about why the agglomeration process, which normally occurs for beds approaching complete defluidization at elevated temperature, is an auto-accelerated phenomenon.


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